Dog Prisoners Written by @cloudsk8r on twitter.

"Meow.." I hear a sound coming from corner of the building. My tiny clueless dog self walks over to the sound. "Hello?" I say. The cat looked like it was beat up by a gang of rats. I ask the cat "Hey what happened to you?". Suddenly the cat's eyes turn red I was like. "Oh" I ran outside the building and didn't look back. Suddenly a group of cats pull up out of nowhere and started hissing at me. "Hey what is wrong with you guys?". Suddenly the group of cats pick me up and started taking me somewhere. Few hours later... I woke up to see a group of cats and one cat wearing a crown and a cape." I was like whats this??" The cat's started point towards the queen cat. Atleast I think it is a queen cat. The queen cat looks like she was going to kill me. Then suddenly the cats grabbed me and took me to a dungeon. I found myself looking at a bunch of other dogs. I was like "What is happening and what is this place?" A dog suddenly said we've been captured by cats! I looked at the group of dogs, "Well then we need an escape plan!" We started planning out stuff, then we suddenly had a plan that was going to be in motion. The next day came by and we were ready! A dog barked like it was hurt and it was apart of the plan! Then a cat gaurd came and said "What happened here?" I said "Help! He is injured!" He also had fake blood on him to make the guard come inside. The gaurd opened the cell and tried to take the dog. Then the plan was actually in motion! We attacked the gaurd cat, and took it's keys! Then we ran out and accessed the weapon room. There was 20 of us dogs in a big cell so it would be mayhem. We got the weapons we needed and started to take out dogs. Later, we got to the queen's room. We first took out the cat gaurds then took out the queen. We ran out the cat palace and never returned. All the dogs were free! And me too. A dog came up to me and said, "Hey! thank you for saving us all!" I said "Heh, it was no problem!" Then I started living my usual life with my owner and dog treats. The end! Thanks for reading it!